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Temple to Stage
A Twentieth Anniversary Celebration
August 19, 2023

The journey of Kathak, through the sands of time. 


To commemorate 20 years as an institution, Upasana Performing Arts Center presented a school-wide recital, “Temple to Stage,” centering the history of Kathak and its evolution through time. For Upasana’s Founder, Director, and Master Teacher, Sonia Chaudhuri, she felt called to do justice to the complexities and nuances of an often misunderstood art form through a production of carefully selected, period-appropriate pieces. “The history of Kathak beautifully mirrors the history of India, and as contemporary Kathakars, we are proud to present the beauty and gifts that Kathak’s repertoire has to offer today,” she says. 


Seamlessly flowing from the ancient Vedic era to the post-Independence Contemporary era, “Temple to Stage” demonstrated the beauty in Kathak’s adaptation over nearly 2000 years.

The students and teachers of Upasana were accompanied by Sharmistha Ganguly, Anup Raychowdhury, Eric Fritsch, and Olivia Bishop at Harpeth Hall. 

Click on the images below for a glimpse into the different time periods depicted.


Link to Entire 20th Anniversary Youtube Playlist:

Contemporary Era 

Amar Din Phuralo by Sonia Chaudhuri


Mughal Era 

Besha Gufta Gul


Vedic Era 

Nagendra Haraya

Aawad Era 

Teental Sudha Nritya


Bhakti Era 

Shri Rama Chandra

Contemporary Era 

Kalavati Tarana

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